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Crossroads Music Academy

Crossroads Music Academy
"To train and equip musicians to serve Christ
in church music ministry."

That is the mission of the Crossroads Music Academy. That is what makes us different from other music schools.
We don’t train musicians just to be better musicians. We strive for a higher train musicians to serve Christ.
Worship is the most important business of the church and the most important business of the Christian.
  • Once we have worshiped the Almighty Lord, then we have a true desire to learn more about Him through Bible study.
  • Once we have worshipped the loving and forgiving Father, then we enjoy fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Once we have worshiped the gracious and merciful Savior, then we have the heart and hunger for discipleship and missions.
Since the first times of worship recorded in Genesis, music has been a major component of praise to God. Today, no matter the style of worship, music is still a major component of Christian praise. Biblical prophecies tell us that worship in heaven for all eternity will have musical praise as a major component.
If music is such an important part of something that is so vital to the church’s past, present, and future, shouldn’t we do all we can to train those who have been blessed with musical talents to lead out in the music of worship?
There are many places that teach music for the sake of music. Crossroads Music Academy wants to be the place that teaches music for the SAKE OF CHRIST.
Sharon Rainwater, Dean