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Community & Missions

Prayer and Missions


Crossroads has been involved in mission ventures in several countries. Our longest relationship is with churches in the country of Moldova. We also have mission ventures in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico.

Moldova Mission Trips Each Summer

Colombia or Costa Rica Mission Trip Each Year


We would like to partner with you in prayer. If you have a prayer request for which you would like our staff and our church to pray, please e-mail
Adult Prayer and Bible Study,  Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.,  Fellowship Hall

Local Missions

Crossroads is proud to be associated with the San Antonio Baptist Association (SABA) in encouraging new church starts and local mission work in San Antonio. Our latest involvement is with the Alamo Community Church, which was launched in the fall of 2010 with a core group of members from our church. We support other local church starts and mission projects through SABA.
Our middle and high school students are involved in local mission projects during the summer months through the San Antonio Food Bank and other service opportunities.
Our elementary children are involved occassionally through our Sunday PM KidZone program.
There are avenues to support the Life Choices Medical Clinic in San Antonio, to help those who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy, as well as through the One by One program for new moms.
We are also involved in collecting food for various food pantries and the San Antonio Food Bank on the first Sunday of each month.

Global Missions

We are delighted to partner with many Christians in sharing God's message of hope to the world.
Have you ever wanted to participate in an international mission trip? Crossroads has been working in Moldova since 2000.  Moldova is the poorest Eastern European country of the former Soviet Union.  It is beset with numerous problems: financial, social, and of course, spiritual.  Among them are the great needs associated with disadvantaged children.
Crossroads began a partnership with orphanages and churches, and is helping start new churches in the country of Moldova. Our partnership with CERI, through the Baptist Child and Family Services, has prompted our pastor to lead multiple groups to minister in several locations in and around Moldova. Our initial work was with orphanages in Moldova's capital, Chisinau. But we also began to work with individual churches. 
Since the government has been systematically closing the orphanages, we have shifted to working with underprivileged children through day camps with the churches with which we have relationships.  Our week is spent providing day camps with the children in several small towns doing various activities (crafts, games, life skills, English lessons, Bible studies, etc.), but mostly giving lots of hugs and love. The camp each day is usually about 4 to 5 hours long with a lunch break.  Each mission team member is involved based on their abilities and interests.  
Last year we stopped over in Athens, Greece on the way home. This provided the group with a couple of days of fun and relaxation, as well as some opportunity to visit an important place associated with Paul’s missionary journeys in the New Testament.
We do ask that each mission team member raise financial support for travel, room and board equal to the cost of one team member for the trip.  When team members do this, we can use as much of our annual mission fund money on the needs we encounter in the churches in Moldova.  This year the total cost of the trip (excluding a few personal expenses) will be $2,750.00.  Often team members find that family members, Sunday Morning Bible Study class members, and friends will help with this cost.  All money given for the mission trip either by you or others is tax deductible as a contribution to the mission work of Crossroads.